9. Icon Description


  1. Speed Up
    For mp4 video files, you can play back up to 2x (double speed). For other video file formats, you can go up to 1.5X.
  2. Sharing
    Press this icon while playing a video to share it with others. Select the E-mail option to attach closed captions and thumbnails of the scene to e-mails sent to your friends.
  3. Screen Rotation ON/OFF
    If a locker icon appears, then it means that the screen rotation is locked. Otherwise, the screen will rotate depending on whether you watch the device vertically or horizontally.
  4. Repeating Section Setting
    While playing the video, click this icon once at the point where you want to start section for repeated playback. As shown in the image above, the upper part of the repeating icon (A->B) will be highlighted.
    If you click the icon once more at the point where you want to finish the repeating section, then both the upper and lower area of the repeating icon will be highlighted. Now, you’ve finished selecting the start and end points, A-B, for the section that will be repeatedly played. Playback of this section will be repeated as many times as set in the setting window. (Setting window is yet to be implemented. It will be provided in the next update. The current version only supports infinite repeating playback.)

    At present, infinitely repeating playback is supported. If you want to move forward while this option is active, then click the repeating icon once more, and the repeating setting will be reset.

  5. Thumbnail Index
    This creates an index for the entire region of the video by using thumbnails. It initially takes some time to create it, but if you click the icon afterward, then the index screen will appear immediately.
  6. Integrated Closed Captions
    If you click the icon, then a pop-up screen for integrated closed captions will appear. Here, the two closed captions, sub1 and sub2, are shown because the two closed captions are set for the video in the setting menu.
    If both English (EN) and French (FR) are selected, then the two items, Sub1 and Sub2 will be shown as you press the closed caption icon. If you select just one of them, then only one closed caption will be shown. (BY default, both closed captions are shown.). If one of the closed caption files is out of sync, then select Sub1 or Sub2 and click the – or + button (step of 100ms, 0.1 sec) to adjust the sync by 0.1 sec steps. If you want to revert to the initial setting, then click Reset.

    As shown above, if you select two arbitrary closed sections, (the closed caption filenames do not need to match the video filename. Just select any two.) then it will be displayed just like an integrated closed caption. The currently supported formats are smi and srt format files. More will be supported in the future.


  7. Section Repeating Mode
    Below “Subtitle Replay = ON” setting indicates that you are currently in the section repeating mode. If you want to activate the section repeating mode, then you can use icon no. 4 or directly enter the section repeating mode without having to set it. To enter it without setting :If there is a closed caption file and your iPhone is in vertical mode, then sweep to the left to set the previous closed caption (this will not be the most recent closed caption, but a few closed captions back on average) for the automatic repeating section. If there is no closed caption, then sweep to the left to move backward at certain intervals for your video playback.
  8. Screen Mode Adjustment
    3 screen modes are supported.