7. Setting

  1. iTunes Backup
    Once you connect your iPhone/iPad to ITunes, it will automatically start creating a backup copy. The more videos you have, the longer this will take. Backup copies can also waste storage space, so make sure you turn off this option if you don’t want backup to be done, even if you connect your device to iTunes. In OFF mode, the list of videos in your RePlayer is not displayed. You have to turn it On to display them.
  2. Background Playback
    If you press the Sleep button while watching the video, then you can listen to the audio, even if the screen is turned off. This function can be useful when you only want to listen to the audio while studying a language or playing back a lecture on video.
  3. Touch Locking
    If you long-press the screen while watching a video, a locker shaped icon will appear. After that point, touch locking will be activated, meaning that touch operation will stop working. If you want to restore touch operation, then you need to long-press the screen one more time.
    This feature is provided if you don’t want to disrupt the video when you accidentally touch the screen. You can turn this option on, and then long-press the screen to watch the video in touch locking mode.
  4. Pushing Left/Right
    You can adjust the screen movement time interval. You can set the desirable direction of gesture for forward movement or backward movement.
  5. The Number of Section Repeating
    Up until now, a selected section will replay infinitely unless the user resets it. By using this option, you can now replay a selected section a specific number of times. Afterward, the video will play normally.
  6. Closed Caption Unit Repeating
    If there are no closed captions, then pushing left allowed users to jump to previous scenes at certain intervals. If there are closed captions while watching in vertical mode, then pushing left would cause a section of video with closed captions to repeat. Now you can turn this option on or off.