6. Sending Feedback e-mail

If you encounter a problem while using RePlayer, send us an e-mail containing the file name and the closed caption. We will then do the best to resolve the problem.

Please follow the procedure shown below to send your e-mail to us.


  1. Click the menu at the upper right corner of the file list.
  2. Select a video, and then a red circle will appear. (If the video has a closed caption connected to it, then a closed caption icon will appear at the lower right corner of its thumbnail.) Afterward, click the pencil shaped icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click Send when the video filename, information, closed caption, and thumbnail attachment are shown in the e-mail window.

If the closed captions have a problem, then use the following method to send your closed captions. This will help us in our efforts to fix the problem. Make sure you that send your closed caption file as an attachment.

Thank you.