3. Secrets of Closed Captions

RePlayer is an encoding free video player for iPhone or iPad.

Let’s talk about the closed captions that you must have when you watch foreign videos or dramas. You need to pay attention to the following when you use closed captions.

  • Setting the encoding type for each language used in closed captions
  • Finding closed captions with good sync or adjust the sync on your own
  • Finding an integrated closed caption when you study languages

We can’t say RePlayer has perfectly resolved all these issues, but we are convinced that it provides good solutions.

  1. In RePlayer, you don’t need to set the encoding type. Your application sets the encoding type on its own. Even if it does not support every language, it supports most of them. If the closed caption does not work properly, then send an e-mail to us. (The application has an e-mail address to which you can send an e-mail while using the app.)
  2. If your closed caption is out of sync with the video, then you can swipe it to the left or right to adjust the display time. (Refer to the following video.)
    If you want to fine tune the closed captions, then press the closed caption icon and adjust the timing by increments of 0.1 sec (100ms). (Refer to the following video.)
  3. Integrated closed captions. Up until now, you needed an integrated closed caption to watch closed captions in two languages. Now, you don’t have to do that anymore. Simply get closed captions for two languages (the file names do not need to match), select one video file, and then press the Detailed View button. Select two closed captions for your video to play simultaneously while playing the video. You can then do the following to make adjustments.

– Closed caption size: Pull and expand by using two fingers.
– Closed caption location: Drag it with your finger.
– Closed caption color: Double tap with your finger (hit gently twice).

You can use your finger to adjust the closed caption location/color.

As long as you have the necessary closed captions, you can use them properly with RePlayer.