2. If Media Can’t Be Played or Is Out of Sync

Due to the high resolution or other reasons, there may be times when you’ll have trouble playing video or other media files. If this happens, try the following.

At the left of the playing screen, as shown below, you will see the [+ / –  Auto] buttons. You can use this function when video playback slows down. Click the [+/-] button to change the setting : Auto -> Skip -> Drop -> Both.

The default setting is Auto, which allows you to play a video at the best video quality. If playing slows down, then you can change the setting at the cost of a loss in quality.

In other words, playing a video at higher quality places a heavier burden on the device. Lowering the video quality makes it easier to play back videos. Remember that when you play your YouTube file through 3G, the video quality is lower but there is less stopping?

  1. Video playback quality order
    Auto > Skip > Drop > Both
  2. Playback (decoding) performance order
    Auto < Skip < Drop < Both